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Dari Warga, Untuk Warga, Oleh Warga

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1 Dari Warga, Untuk Warga, Oleh Warga on Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:14 pm

Bagi warga Andorria yang membutuhkan media untuk membuat pengumuman atau iklan pribadi silakan post disini. Syarat dan ketentuan adalah sebagai berikut :

  • Berisi berita, pengumuman dan lowongan ringan seperti berita kehilangan, informasi menyediakan penyewaan, janjian bertemu, lowongan jasa freelance dan dan sebagainya yang diperlukan untuk menunjang plot RP anda di Andorria.

  • Jumlah iklan maksimal 10 kalimat. semakin singkat semakin baik.

  • Tidak diperkenankan memasang iklan niaga. Space iklan dan pengumuman usaha sudah disediakan tersendiri.

  • Tidak berisi lowongan kerja perusahaan. Perusahaan yang membuka lowongan silakan pm langsung ke saya.

  • Tidak diperkenankan posting untuk merespon/menjawab pengumuman. Bagi warga yang ingin menjawab atau bertanya lebih lanjut, silakan PM character yang memasang pengumuman yang bersangkutan.

  • Bila pengumuman sudah tidak berlaku, harap pembuat pengumuman menambahkan keterangan EXPIRED untuk pengumumannya.

Terima kasih.

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2 Re: Dari Warga, Untuk Warga, Oleh Warga on Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:18 pm


I need a bodyguard to take care of me when I'm doing transactions, or maybe on the road if necessary. In other words, I need someone who can hold together with me for 24 hours. What I want is a man, not a woman.

Other requirements that I wanted :
Before you rush out and apply to the next bodyguard job, ask yourself: Do you have at least a high school diploma? Have you attended training that specializes in educating and preparing bodyguards?
  • Must be in perfect physical shape, without pre-existing health conditions
  • Must have 20/20 vision
  • Must be reliable and trustworthy
  • Must also have good people skills because the job deals with a lot of people
  • The psychological state of mind is also important to be able to make quick decisions while protecting me
  • A bodyguard who completed a college degree in law enforcement, military or government security intelligence is more likely to get the job
  • should have broad physical and skills training in strategic defense, use of weapons and firearms, martial arts, first aid and CPR. Driving skills is also an advantage

Simply contact me, if you are interested.

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3 Re: Dari Warga, Untuk Warga, Oleh Warga on Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:38 pm

Government Security Intelligence Wanted

It also could mean Paspampres or Bodyguard for the royal family, especially for the King. Male or female does not matter, as long as it meets the requirements listed below:
  • High caliber graduates with exceptional interpersonal skills and intellectual abilities
  • Having a healthy physical, not in pain, and have no congenital diseases
  • Must have perfect vision. Not using glasses
  • Must be reliable and trustworthy
  • Preference will be given for those who already completed a bachelor's degree in law enforcement, and military
  • Should have broad physical and skills training in strategic defense, use of weapons and firearms, martial arts, first aid and CPR. Driving skills is also an advantage
  • Age should not be a major factor, but most recruits will be under 40

If you're interested, just contact Aragrant R. Xenocrates.

I also need a personal bodyguard to stay beside me for 24 hours straight. But, I just wanted women. Two people should be enough, and meets the requirements above. I don't want men that kept dangle like a tail to me wherever I go. It feels really uncomfortable. For this job, please contact me.

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